Dutch Huette

I started Global Conference Call in 2000. Humble beginnings would be an accurate description! One phone call at a time. One customer at a time. One conference call at a time. I have seen first hand that building a business slowly and with conviction produces long lasting success. The same process of helping one customer at a time remains the key right up to today.

I've never had a job where so many people tell me they appreciate my efforts. It makes me feel like going the extra mile for our customers every single day. I know that my competition is fierce. My answer is to work harder, do more for our customers and take responsibilty for the smallest details.

There is one single policy that I can say has served us well. I insist on the best hardware and software in the industry for our equipment.

Melody Huette

2000 to Present
37 years my partner. Global Conference Call could not have started without her support. Melody inspires, motivates, and encourages us all.

Adam and Nic Huette
Customer Service and Technical

Adam 2000 to 2005
Nic 2008 to Current
Adam has gone on to Geico Insurance in Tucson. He is a valued manager in the Claims Division.

Dr. Stephanie Huette
Customer Service and Technical

2003 to 2008
Stephanie is now Assistant Professor
Cognitive Science, Dept. of Psychology, University of Memphis