After you have read these instructions - or watched the video on this page; click on the button above to go to LotsOfFiles.com - our file storage web site. Then, enter

Username: Enter your Guest PIN Code from the conference call account you just used.

Password: Enter the letters conf followed by your Leader (Moderator) PIN Code.

Example: If your Moderator PIN is 12345, then enter conf12345 as your password.

Now you'll see all the recordings you have made in the last few months. The most recent recording will be at the end of the list. You may use this site to upload and share any type of file.

This site is fully encrypted, so your recordings and files and protected.

3 Minute Quick Tutorial

We make video tutorials like this

It takes about 20 minutes after your conference call - for the recording to appear in your lotsoffiles.com archive.